“It is the best facewash for acne, I’m using it regularly and Alhumdulilah very much satisfied and happy…..it’s a blessing for people who have acne on skin” – Amina

Acne Defence Facewash - 30% Off

  • Improves sebum production (oil-producing agent)
  • Tea tree oil soothes & relieve irritated skin
  • Improves mild to moderate acne naturally
  • Your face looks clean with even tone
  • Gives you back innocent beauty and elegance
  • Natural ingredients best for your sensitive acne-prone oily skin.
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Use it in place of your soap.

Take a reasonable amount into your palm and make a foam with the help of little water.

Then apply on face and gently scrub for 2 minutes. Then leave it on your face for 2 minutes. Rinse away with luke-warn or normal water afterwards.

Do not use towel or tissue.

  • It controls sebum production in skin (which produces oil)
  • Special ingredient tea tree is for cooling down skin temperature & irritation.
  • Makes your face plumped soft and clear.

Gives you back your baby-skin in 30 days of continuous use.

Q: Is this good for any type of skin?

A: It is made for acne-prone oily skin (with pimples issues).

Q: What age group can use this?

A: From teen-agers to old, all can use it (if they have acne-prone oily skin)

Key actives

Clears Pimples / Acne

Baby-Soft Skin

Gives Unique Glow


Forget the Fact You Have Pimples / Acne Oily Skin (Try This Cucumber Facewash)

  • Calm & Soothe Unhappy Skin

    Cucumber gives soothing calmness to skin like cool breeze

  • Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory

    Aloevera + Tea tree extracts do this magic

  • Restore Confidence

    Set the skincare goals and achieve them with organic products like this

  • Best Exfoliant

    Remove all dead skin cells with this daily facewash

More active ingredients for better efficacy

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Tea Tree Oil Extract :

anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial, calms redness & swelling

Aloevera :

reduce acne-causing bacteria

Cucumber :

creates a soothing mask against skin irritation & swelling

Lemon :

reduces oil production, has anti-septic qualities

Vitamin E:

best anti-oxidant for acne treatment

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