: “It works like magic. Tried every other shampoo, from medicated to herbal, but this shampoo from Organster has finally cured my dandruff.” - Zahid

Anti Dandruff Shampoo - 50% Off

  • Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free
  • Targets dandruff & relieves scalp irritation
  • Controls appearance of flakes
  • Hair become dense, shinier & softer
  • Come as a self-confident stylish person
  • This organic Anti-Dandruff Shampoo will be the last step of your life-long search for anti-dandruff shampoos.
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  • How to Use
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If there is dirt or grease on your hair, wash that out first.

On wet hair, apply this shampoo and massage the scalp for 2 minutes and make foam by adding small amount of water.

Leave it for 5 minutes, then rinse with normal or cold water thoroughly.

  • Itmoisturizes the scalp and cures dandruff
  • It fights dandruff-causing fungus
  • It boosts your self-confidence..
  • It controls itchy & greasy scalp, protects from UV damage

Q: Is it a medicated shampoo?

A: No, it contains no chemicals or steroids. It is 100% pure organic shampoo. 

Q: How fast it will end my dandruff?

A: It depends on many things like your routine, sun-exposure, environmental stress, diet. But, it takes almost 20 days to fully treat the scalp, dermatitis, and flakes.

Key actives

Dandruff Removal

Shiny Soft Hair

Boosts Confidence


Remove Old Dandruff and Look Attractive with Soft Shiny Fashionable Hair in 20 Days

  • Moisturize Your Scalp

    Jojoba oil and aloevera deeply moisturizes the scalp

  • Look More Confident

    No need to clear shoulders again and again

  • Go Hassle-Free on Events

    Take shower with this shampoo, go like a prince/princess anywhere

  • No Need for Other Shampoos Anymore

    Now treat dermatitis with fruits & jojoba, not any “medications

More active ingredients for better efficacy

Workplace Workplace

Jojoba Oil :

moisturizes the scalp and cures dandruff

Aloevera :

controls itchy & greasy scalp, protects from UV damage

Vitamin B5 :

prevents moisture loss, smoothes the cuticle of each strand

Zinc Pyrithione :

fights dandruff-causing fungus

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