This is the best acne serum for previous ones ,I am using it and after literally the skin texture just like the baby skin….” - Rabiya

Tea Tree Acne Serum - 40% Off

  • Soothe unhappy skin with tea tree cool oil
  • Anti-acne serum clears mild acne
  • Your face becomes free of spots
  • Get a glowy skin again in 25 days
  • Organic Ingredients Ka Jaadu
  • Feel brighter and cleansed skin on your face with this tea tree acne serum.
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How To Use

Before use, make your skin moist with water (because it’s more permeable on damp skin rather than dry skin) then pat dry.

Place few drops on finger, apply on your skin and very gently scrub to let it fully absorb.

Leave that as it is.



  • It treats mild to moderate acne.
  • It makes your face skin clear of pimples.
  • In almost 25 days, you’ll get a clear skin.
  • Its anti-inflammatory ingredients cool down unhappy skin.
  • Old pimples, acne issues are best treated with this serum.

Q: Will this cure my acne?

A: Of course, yes. This serum treats mild-to-moderate acne. The time may vary depending on the skin type.

Q: Is it good for oily skin?
A: Yes, it is especially made for oily and acne-prone skin.

Key actives

Pimples, Acne Treatment

Clear Skin

Nice Glow


Now Get Rid of Pimples & Acne with Natural Tea Tree Oil Treatment

  • Baby Skin Secret

    Your skin is already beautiful, you just need to take care with secret ingredients

  • Cure Pimples / Acne

    Old problems get cured with old recipes like of this serum

  • Restore a Brighter, More Even Skin Tone

    This serum clears mild acne and makes your skin evenly smooth (like a child).

  • Control Oil Production

    This serum controls sebum (main factor of oil production)

More active ingredients for better efficacy

Workplace Workplace

Tea Tree Leaf Oil :

anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial

Aloevera :

(anti-bacterial) reduces acne-causing bacteria

Oleanolic Acid :

controls oil production while reduces free radicals

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