“Such a creamy and extremely mosturizing formula. Love it 💓” – Namra

Body Butter (Shea Butter) - 50% Off

  • Reduces wrinkles & tightens skin
  • Makes you look younger
  • Moisturizes & soothes skin
  • Best for sensitive skin & rashes
  • Gives you pinkish baby-soft skin
  • Makes you beautiful & attractive again
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150 gm
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How To Use

After taking shower, pat-dry your skin. Apply the body butter on your skin (hands, arms, neck, legs, feet, and belly). If you have dry skin, do it daily or every two days. If normal skin, do it every 4th day or weekly. Or you can use as many times as you want.

  • Reduce wrinkles, softens skin like butter.
  • Contains cocoa and shea that heals and smoothen the skin
  • Daily use results in improved skin health and glowy texture.

Q: Is this for all skin types?

A: Yes, anybody with any skin type can use it safely, especially if you have normal to dry skin.

Q: Is this Shea Butter or Body Butter?

A: There is no such thing as shea butter alone, actually it’s one of the main ingredients in this butter. Nobody can sell a shea butter alone, it is mixed with other elements like cocoa and hyaluronic acid etc.

There is nothing wrong to say this body butter a ‘Shea Butter’ but you must understand what’s the true story.

Key actives

Increased Hunger & Sleep

Strong Bones & Muscles

Improved Health


Remove Wrinkles, Soften Skin Texture & Look Younger Than Ever

  • Smooth Silky Skin Like Butter

    Shea + cocoa massage makes skin softer like butter

  • Protect Skin Beauty & Glow

    Dip skin in butter & forget dryness or damage

  • Healthy Skin, Strong Muscles

    You need to grow again by growing (and glowing) your skin

  • Everybody’s Favorite

    Compelled to say that this is one of the most loved organic product by Organster family

More active ingredients for better efficacy

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Shea Butter :

contains fatty acids that softens & hydrates skin

Cocoa Butter :

replenishes skin’s moisture & locks it in

Vitamin E :

Reduces UV damage in skin

Hyaluronic Acid :

alleviates dry skin, reduces fine-lines & wrinkles

Aloevera :

fights sun-burn, moisturizes skin without greasy feel

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