: “My baby and I both are using 😁 and its scent and results on skin are very good.” – Sidra

Baby Moisturizing Oil - 70% Off

  • Your baby’s muscles & bones get stronger
  • Your baby’s sleep improves by 60%
  • More healthy, more hungry, and more active baby
  • Makes your skin baby soft & pinkish
  • Gentle massage makes your baby’s skin hydrated & clean
  • Pure natural ingredients 100% organic (no chemicals)
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100 ml
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How To Use

Take some amount on your palm and rub baby’s feet, legs, belly, neck, and ears gently.

Massage the whole body. You can also use it on your hands, face, and hair. It’s all fruits

  • Helps increase hunger & sleep time.
  • Contains coconut, olive, and almond oil to treat skin like butter balm.
  • Daily massage results in improved bone & muscle health.

Q: Is it useful for baby?

A: Very much useful because its massage will increase baby’s hunger, sleep time, and active play time.

Q: Can moms also use it?

A: Yes, moms can use it on their hands, ears, feet and hair. A healthy mom means a healthy baby.


Key actives

Increased Hunger & Sleep

Strong Bones & Muscles

Improved Health


Non-sticky Baby Oil Improves Hunger & Sleep, Makes Baby More Active & Healthy

  • Smooth Silky Skin Like Butter

    Coconut Oil, Almond Oil massage makes skin softer like butter

  • More Hunger, More Health

    rub baby’s feet, elbow, neck, belly, and see the magic yourself

  • Healthy Skin, Strong Muscles

    Daily massage means no need to visit doctors now and then

  • Moms Favorite

    Moms love it because they also remain hydrated and refreshed

More active ingredients for better efficacy

Workplace Workplace

Olive Oil :

rich in Vitamin E, kills microbes

Coconut Oil :

soothes crying & fussy babies

Almond Oil :

improves skin thickness & strength

Castor Oil :

anti-bacterial & anti-fungal

Lavender Oil :

relaxes baby & encourages sleep

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