“Can’t believe how it cleared dark spots not only around eyes but on forhead too. Go for it” – Amina Gulzar

Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

  • Soothes puffiness & reduce dark circles
  • Reduce wrinkles/fine-lines around eyes
  • Treats bags, puffiness, redness, crow’s feet
  • Daily use gives youthful glow
  • Pur Kashish Ankhein
  • Get beautiful eyes back like your childhood with our nature sourced eye serum.
Rs.2,055 Rs.2,300
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  • How to Use
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How To Use

Pat dry your skin. Place few drops on finger-tips and start massaging the area around eyes.

Close your eyes while applying it. Don’t let it touch the eye-lids. 

Let it fully absorbed into the skin, then leave it as it is. Use daily or as your skin suits.

  • It removes dark circles around your eyes. It also treats eye-bags effectively.
  • It tightens and uplifts your skin around eyes.
  • It makes you look younger than your age.
  • It makes you look refreshed, energetic, and youthful.
  • It makes your skin tone even, smoother, and spot-free.
  • It is water-based (not oil) so it gets absorbed fully into the skin surface.


Q: How this serum works?


A: This serum cools down the angry skin around eyes, removes dead skin, and replaces it with new fresh skin cell.

Q: Will it clear spots and crow’s feet?

A: Definitely yes. It’s made to clear out all spots, wrinkles, crow’s feet, so you may look younger and beautiful as you are.

Key actives

Remove Dark Circles

Skin uplift

Clear Spots & Scars


This Cucumber Eye Serum Clears Dark Spots around Eyes & Makes You Look Younger & Refreshed

  • Soothe Skin Around Eyes

    Cucumber gives soothing calmness to skin around eyes

  • Radiant Glow

    Hyaluronic acid plumps & hydrates skin

  • Restore Youthful Looks

    This serum

  • Antioxidants Reduce Free Radical Damage

    Giant Kelp & Palmitoyl reduce skin roughness and save from moisture loss.

More active ingredients for better efficacy

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Cucumber Extract :

antioxidant components that help reduce wrinkles

Hyaluronic Acid :

increases skin moisture & reduces wrinkles/fine-lines

N- Hydroxysuccinimide :

Eliminates the pigmentation under the eyes

Palmitoyl Tripeptide :

helps strengthen skin

Hexapeptide :

helps to reduces puffiness

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