“This mist is a gift for me, I use it anytime I need refreshment on my face. 100% recommended.” - Zobair

Rosewater - Hyaluronic Acid based - Mega Sale (Rs 1000 off)

  • Instantly refreshes face & mood
  • Lemons reduce oil & inflammation
  • Improves body odor/smell
  • Daily use reduces wrinkles/fine-lines
  • A must-have make-up kit item
  • From glowing refreshed skin, towards Anti-aging… a journey worth taking.
Rs.250 Rs.1,250
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How To Use

You can use this spray anytime. It is better to clean wash your face with Facewash before applying this Rosewater.

Pat dry your skin, and punch spray button to enjoy rosy mist on your face, and even hair.

  • Hydrates and smoothens skin
  • Have anti-aging effects
  • Treats inflammation and reduce oil
  • Treats allergy caused by makeup products.

Gives instant refreshment and energy on the go.


 Q: Is this good for makeup allergy?

A: Yes, it treats inflammation caused by makeup products. Use it as the first layer of base before wearing makeup.

Q: Is this smell like roses?

A: Yes, but we have made this 100% pure organic, and have NOT added any artificial rosy flavor. So it gives a slight rosy fragrance, but not sharp. However, what it’ll do is to deeply hydrate your skin from inside out. A must have item on your dressing or purse (for both men and women)

Key actives

Hydrate Anytime

Skin Softening & Anti-aging

Treats Skin Allergy


Get Your Skin Hydrated & Refreshed with This Rosewater Mist Anytime, Anywhere

  • Easy to Use Spray

    Nothing is as easy as a spray, on the go or in office. Use it anytime to get refreshed.

  • Quench Skin’s Thirst

    Skin evaporates moisture, restore glowy hydration with this rosy mist

  • Anti-aging Effects

    Constant use will dramatically reduce wrinkles and uplift skin to make you look younger

  • No make-up allergy or Irritation

    No need to beg secret oils or toktas, Shut up & buy this Rosewater Mist.

More active ingredients for better efficacy

Workplace Workplace

Rose Water:

balances skin’s natural oils, reduces allergy & redness

Lemon Extract :

anti-oxidant that reduces skin damage & premature aging

Hyaluronic Acid :

increases skin moisture, reduces fine lines & wrinkles

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