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Always Looking Beautiful & Young is Possible But

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Always Looking Beautiful & Young is Possible But

Beauty is not about just looking good.
To put this straight, wishing to look good is natural and instinctive, but what if you get unattractive after 7 years?
What if people and society did not validate and approved your beauty?
Let me tell you a dark secret about beauty and show business.
It is also relevant to all humans.
Almost all famous actors and actresses in the world have one common fear in their minds.
And that fear is eating them from inside.

And that is, they are getting old.

Their beauty is going to fade away one day.
Once a world class super models that people would worship, now playing golf alone, unattended.
Is it possible to look always beautiful?
Why the celebrities are so much concerned about ageing and ever-lasting beauty?
You must shackle all your beliefs about beauty if you intend to understand this all.
Beauty, in its essence, is not just about looking good.
Beauty is about becoming what you were when you had born.
Pure, innocent, ego-less, not-happy and not-sad, free and complete.
As you grow up, the society and its agents start injecting poisonous beliefs in you.
The truth is, your inner child is still alive.
And he’s waiting for you to grow him, inside.
Let me ask you a question.
When it rains, does the rain feel a desire to make a sound?
Or any such need to be heard or seen?
The answer is No.
Rain falls.
And it falls naturally, without any desire to be heard or seen.
Man is born with no desires.
Societal conditioning, media, school, and parents ignite a flame of competition. And that leads the child towards artificial means to satisfy all.
He or she nurtures ego and cleverness. Competition and status battles.
Beauty is not about ‘looking good’ or ‘pretty’.
Beauty is about Freedom.
Beauty is about innocence.
Beauty is what nature gives (raw, unvarnished, unprocessed)
It doesn’t matter if you want inner beauty or apparent beauty.
Whatever it is, all you consume is pure nature if you are beautiful.
All that you let in, into your mouth (food), into your mind (beliefs) and onto you (skincare & haircare products), all are sourced only and only by nature.
You must have heard about Bruce Lee saying an ultimate truth:

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water”.

As a child grows gradually, cleverness replaces innocence.
To destroy the inner beauty, human grows ego, attachments, false hopes and expectations.
To destroy the outer beauty, human consumes petrochemicals, steroids, mercury and plasticizers in their soaps, shampoos, scents, cleansers, and so-called beauty creams.
This is that basic understanding which, if digested completely, can transform your life.
It’s never too late.
Nature is still calling you.
If you are fed up with the noise of the world…
If you’re sincere and serious about Freedom, Peace, and Happiness…

You will but respond to nature’s call.

Just consume organic, in shape of ingredients as well as thoughts.

There is a completely new life on the other side.
Bless you!