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7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Beautiful

7 reasons you should stop trying looking beautiful 02

7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Beautiful

Your inner child is never lost.
Life problems occur when we move away from innocence and try to become clever.
Becoming clever includes hacks, techniques, methods, and how-to’s.
Innocence means no ego, not caring about what people will think, not caring about what YOU think, nothing to impress, nothing to possess, freedom, and purity.

What is meant by “Lifeless Beauty Products” and how they are killing the child inside you?

Let’s dig deeper into that.
Due to extensive mass marketing, fancy ads, and movies, you have decided to copy.
Copying everything. The looks, way of talking, way of thinking, manners, artificial beauty hacks, intelligence and cleverness.

This way, you have imprisoned yourself to the world.

There is a huge burden on your shoulders and on your head.
And you’re living your life afraid, uncertain, and anxious (mainly because what if people judge).
What if you throw away all the weight and become so light that it feels like flying in the air?
What if you become FREE of caring, over-thinking, problems, and anxiety?
There is a way.
But let’s start from the outside, and then we’ll sneak into your inner world gradually.
You use beauty products because you want to look younger, beautiful, energetic, and confident.
But your skin is no longer like it used to be years ago.
It has pores, scars, uneven tone, and pimples or acne.
And your head is not full of soft and shiny hair.
Your lips are dried up and pale. (A dark layer of dead cells on your lips makes you look like a desert traveler)
Here’s what you should do:
You should stop using beauty products if you genuinely want to become beautiful and young again.
And here are the SEVEN reasons why you should stop trying to look beautiful :
These 7 reasons must be enough for you to decide that the sooner you avoid soaps, shampoos, creams, moisturizers, bodywash, facewash, and other cosmetic stuff, the better.
Or else, the results are in front of you.

Weak thin hair, hair fall, uneven tone, oily skin, and acne on face, pale and dull color.

Laziness, sleepy state of mind, low confidence, and angry behavior, all due to using harmful chemicals just to look beautiful to people you don’t really like.
There is a way out of this all drama.

And that is, bowing yourself to the power of nature, the universe, God.

And become empty handed, empty minded, FREE and pure.

Bless you!