“I am loving the aroma and the shine that it provides to me hair!!! using it daily.” - Hamza

Hair Growth Serum

  • For thicker-looking stronger-feeling hair
  • Boosts cell renewal at the scalp
  • Controls hair-loss by 50%
  • Replaces thin hair with thick shiny dense hair strands
  • Finally, you will look like a teen
  • Our organic Hair Growth Serum is especially made in spray form so you can use it easily everyday.
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How To Use

After taking shower, dry wet hair with towel. Then spray the serum into the scalp. Also spray onto hair.

Use daily. Protect hair from dirt, heat.

Eat fruits, avoid oily spicy junk food. You’ll have fuller, thicker hair on your head like your childhood.


  • It grows fuller and thicker hair on your head.
  • Soybean & biotin accelerates hair growth.
  • Unlike PRP, you don’t have to go through any medical treatment.
  • Daily 10-seconds spray will result in dense shiny hair.

Q: I’m bald, will it grow hair?

A: If you have follicles on scalp, you can grow hair with the continuous use of this spray.

Q: How much I have to use daily?

A: If you spray for 10-seconds daily (initially two times a day), you can use a bottle for almost one month. Therefore, it is better to try this serum before opting for a medical treatment 

Key actives

Hair Re-Growth

Hair Thickness

Easy to Use


Re-grow All Lost Hair without Medical Treatment, Thicker & Fuller, in 40 Days

  • Easy to Use Spray

    Nothing is as easy as a spray

  • Look More Confident

    Look more confident with a head of fuller hair

  • Budget Friendly Serum

    Not like PRP or Transplant where you spend 1000s

  • No Totkas, Just One Serum Spray

    No need to beg secret oils or toktas, Shut up & buy this serum.

More active ingredients for better efficacy

Workplace Workplace

Biotin :

also known as Vitamin B7, stimulates keratin production in hair

Castor Oil :

contains fatty acid that promotes hair growth

Soybean Extract :

has Vitamin E that accelerates hair growth

Wheat Extract :

adds strength & elasticity of each strand

Pea Sprout Extract:

feeds directly scalp & hair strengthening hair follicle stem cells

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