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Easy Home Made Recipe For Strong Thick Hair

Easy Home Made Recipe for Thick Strong Hair

Easy Home Made Recipe For Strong Thick Hair

Your hair are thin and fall, and you want a head full of strong thick hair.
This easy home-made recipe for strong thick hair is battle-tested multiple times.
Read very carefully, and you will get a proven way to grow beautiful hair just in a month.
First, we’ll discuss what are the main causes of thin & weak hair:
6 Main Reasons of Thin Weak Hair
Whatever the reason is, you can still produce long thick hair, naturally.
(However, if  there is a rare case where you are undergoing a special treatment for causing thin hair like alopecia, this recipe is not an alternative for that, but still can be used)
The recipe below may help you thicken and strengthen your hair no matter what you’re doing or going through.
It is not just ONE recipe but total 8 recipes which you can use simultaneously.
Eggs contain high protein, and help producing thick strong hair naturally.
Here’s the recipe:
There is another method too if you dislike pure eggs treatement for some reasons.
And that is, mix the yolk (zardi) of two eggs with olive oil (1 spoon) and water (2 spoons). Apply the mixture onto the scalp and dry hair and leave for 15 minutes. Afterwards, wash thoroughly with water and organic shampoo.
Olive oil contains omega3 acids and other rich nutrients that are best for hair growth and overall health.
Here’s the recipe:
Optional: You can also leave your hair this way for the whole night.
One of the major reasons why you’re having thin hair is that you are not getting enough especial nutrients made for hair growth.
You must include these nutrients in your diet because they are rich in fats, proteins, and vitamins.
Include these things in your daily food routine.
Why oranges are so recommended by nutritionists is because they are rich in vitamin C, pectin, and many natural acids such as ascorbic, folic, pantothenic, hydroxycinnamic, and citric acid.
Oranges help improving hair luster, thickness, and length.
If you apply aloevera gel directly to the scalp and hair, it will help strengthen and thicken your hair like never before.
You can do this once or twice a week.
It’s about vitamin E and fatty aids.
It is very simple to use. Just apply castor oil onto your scalp and hair, massage gently, and coat your hair completely with it. And you are good to go.
Some people mix onion juice with castor oil and have reported amazing results.
This combination of coconut oil & amla brings the best result.
It is one the most ancient haircare recipe throughout generations. You must try this.
This recipe has resulted in miraculous results for both hair-loss as well as thin hair problems.
We can’t stress it more.
Of what use are all of the above pure natural treatments if combined with harmful commerial shampoos in your bathroom.
Always use organic sulfate-free shampoos. Here’s the list of few natural products that you want to try.
It’s all about starting. Not tomorrow, but today.
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